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Explore music. Arcane Remorseless by Black Rock. Greg Biehl. Jewel case CD, 8 page booklet incl. War That Ends All Ancient Hatred Silenced Screams I did a lot of stealing to get money for myself and my family. I've done a lot of crimes that I'm actually guilty of, there's an abundance of them … Sure I'm guilty of a lot of it, probably more than half.

But there's a lot out there that I'm not guilty of, it just got stuck to me because of who I associated with, who I got caught with. Jeremy Hall. In elementary school Hall was a loner with few friends. Mostly he hung with his sister Jennifer. She was his only sibling and best friend. His mother told him: You are not a punching bag — hit back.

And he did. Striking back became part of his life, just like stealing. It only deepened his rage when police repeatedly took him down as he got older. He runs away, cop catches him, roughs him up and Hall gets charged with resisting arrest. In Hall's mind that's how it went, again and again. They were just kids; why did he have to pay for every mistake he made, but the cops didn't?

They were out to get him, hung him with a reputation as a nasty and devious criminal. He knew he was doing bad things, but they didn't know what was inside him. He had no friends at school, but when he started spending most of his time on the streets he connected with a group of guys. A small kid named Dwayne rode up on his skateboard. Dwayne Utman had run away from home. His mother had a drug problem. Hall, who was five years older, asked to see the new kid's skateboard and then told him he wasn't giving it back.

But then he did. Utman, who had little in his life, now had friends who became like family. Their crimes started small; one day Johnny Bro's girlfriend stole her mom's purse, a bunch of them took a car to Canadian Tire, bought spray paint, talked big about refinishing the vehicle, heading south to California. Never happened though.

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They never left east Hamilton, their world geographically confined as was their sense of the possible. Crime is what they did, something exciting but also a job of a sort. Eventually they were breaking into homes and stores. When Utman got older, ripping motorcycles became his specialty, just as pickup trucks would become Hall's forte.

The two of them were close, but years later, Utman would break their bond, and the code, and ultimately face off against Hall in a courtroom with tears in his eyes. Jeremy Hall's mother did not want his father around anymore; he left home. His father worked in a steel mill but quit after he had a heart operation. At one point he managed a Tim Hortons and got Jeremy's sister a job there. Jeremy asked him for a job, too. His dad refused. Jeremy figured it was because he was worried he'd rip the place off. Like he would do that to his own father? After his father left home a family member beat him repeatedly, worse than anyone would in his life.

He spent a lot of time with his grandparents on his mom's side. He loved them. He used to pound the fg s--t out of me. I started running away because I didn't like him putting his grimy meat hooks on me. My mother never did anything and I think it was in part because she was scared of him.

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He ran — he always ran. Tip-off leads police team to wrong man. Now a free man and exonerated of all charges, he is determined to know who was behind the order to kill him while in prison. Julie is there for a job but she can't help the attraction she feels toward Logan and he feels the same way. Thesaurus: All synonyms and antonyms for remorseless. English Language Learners Definition of remorseless. He hung with a crew of kids; none of them had the latest clothes or new toys.

He was a big dude, know what I mean? I'm a 12, year-old kid and he's punching me in the face. Like what the f--k man? It is not surprising that Hall has such clear, verbatim recollections of his mother's admonitions and life 'lessons' as he serves to neutralize — self-rationalize or mitigate — his offending. Mike Arntfield, Criminologist. Puppy is all excited when their master arrives home but the first thing he does is kick the puppy around when he gets home.

Hurt and confused, the puppy hides. The next day, he's all excited again and the same thing happens. What kind of puppy do you think he'll grow up to be? One mean vicious dog. Guys like Hall are weaned on violence. Mike Csoke, Hamilton police officer who conducted surveillance on a teenage Jeremy Hall. Police kept an eye on him.

One day they set up surveillance inside a building on Cannon Street East and watched him walking down the street carrying a stolen TV that was almost as big as he was. When he was 18, in February , on a Thursday morning at 2 a. They were hopped up on black beauties — amphetamines. They looked for a truck to steal, having recently learned how to swipe pickup trucks using little more than a screwdriver. The Chevy SS pickup was popular, everyone wanted one with the monster engine.

That morning they hit the lot at Queenston Chev-Olds in east Hamilton at the Queenston traffic circle. They jumped the truck and eased it off the lot. A cop nearby spotted a rather conspicuous scene: a new Chevy with no plates exiting the lot with its lights off. He wheeled around and followed.

Ian matted it, the chase was on. Ian lost control, the truck jumped the curb at McDonald's, hit a street sign, plowed through railway ties bordering a rock garden, rolled and crashed into the front porch of a house that backed onto the parking lot. The truck was mangled. The two teenagers were listed in serious condition at first but Hall was upgraded to good condition; he had been brazen enough to steal a truck straight off the lot, and cautious enough to wear a seatbelt. He often got caught for his crimes. He also gave the police the slip, always covering his tracks, watching his back.

Arrow on the wall above the Scarface movie poster marks the spot where police pulled one of the bullets that was fired at Jeremy Hall's house on Martha Street. Tip-off leads police team to wrong man. Members of the police's Emergency Response Team surrounded a house at the corner of Hess and Hunter Streets believing that a man wanted on assault and weapons charges was holed up inside. But when the man emerged from the home after speaking with police negotiators by telephone he turned out to be an unarmed babysitter watching over a one-month-old baby.

Inspector John Bronson said police were told that a man wanted in connection with an incident involving a shotgun that occurred at the same address in the early hours of Friday morning, was in the house. That man, year-old Jeremy Hall of Hamilton, is wanted on three separate charges stemming from an incident in which a woman was allegedly assaulted and had a pump shotgun pointed at her. A suspect wanted in the robbery of an electronics store in early June is the subject of a Hamilton-Wentworth police request for public help.

On Tuesday, June 7, at 5 p. One of the men was armed with a knife.


The four suspects escaped with electronic equipment. He's white, 5-foot-9, pounds, with short brown hair and brown eyes. He's known to frequent Hamilton's east end. He was not beyond forming a close friendship beyond the guys he ran with on the street.


One of these was with a young woman he confided in; he cried when he told her about his childhood. They got tattoos together, he told the tattoo artist she was his sister. One of the tattoos Hall got paid tribute to his grandparents. The woman knew he scared people.

Guys walked the other way when they saw Jeremy Hall on the street. She saw reactions first hand: a group of them sitting around, and Jeremy — that dark glare, the deep, sandpaper voice — suggests something crazy, they look at him wide-eyed. She felt like he tried to live up to his reputation. He drank, smoked weed. Their whole crowd did. He wasn't an addict, not like friends of his like Dwayne Utman, who did hash, some crack — he was too scared of heroin to get into it but tried it a couple of times, got hooked on morphine.

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Synonyms & Antonyms for remorseless. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'remorseless.' Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. 6 days ago remorseless meaning: 1. severe and showing no sadness or guilt: 2. never stopping or impossible to stop. Learn more.

One of Hall's lawyers told court at one hearing that his client had a heroin addiction and wanted to get treatment for it; many years later Hall denied that, said he had never done heroin. Drugs were a source for business — stealing, dealing — but he wasn't big as a user, sending his brain into oblivion. It was more like he wanted to keep his wits about him, be on guard against those out to get him.

The girl he befriended didn't like it when he stole stuff, it seemed like he was getting in trouble all the time. But she hung out with him for a reason; she had a place for the man she felt was inside and didn't believe that the scary stuff was all of him. Something snapped in him He was a nice person to me. He had a place in my heart. Hall's female friend. Psychopaths continuously seek new sensations as a matter of self-gratification and power attainment. People frequently mix and match these two terms when they are in fact very specific categorizations.

Generally speaking, a sociopath is someone who suffers from antisocial personality disorder. They are reckless, deceitful, lack impulse control, cannot maintain meaningful or lasting relationships, and usually suffer from another simultaneous personality disorder. Sociopaths can have an ethical code, but it is usually rooted in a moral calculus that approximates a code of the street.

For all his tough talk and rebel image, it was like he needed her, he was clingy. She was a safe person. She bought him a birthday cake. He said he couldn't remember the last time someone had done that for him. He dropped by her place all the time to see her, and that was fine, but when biker guys started coming by where she lived with her child, looking for Hall, it freaked her out. She hadn't had the easiest life growing up, either. In her teens she had a child; the father did time in jail. But she always felt like her family stuck by her, that she had a moral foundation to fall back on.

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Jeremy Hall? She knew he never had one. She figured that was the reason he could switch from good to bad so quickly. In January , a month after he turned 25, Hall ripped a Chrysler Intrepid, which was a prime target for thieves because they were easy to steal. Police chased him. He ran — he always ran. He struck a cruiser and continued through a red light at Wentworth Street, hit a taxi and then a hydro pole.

He took off from the car with two others and they were all arrested. He was sentenced to six months. At sentencing the judge gave Hall a brief speech he often used with offenders, a mix of chiding and reprimand. It was as though the judge believed words might help alter the young man's future, take him off the road he had been travelling all his life. He already had more than two dozen convictions on his record. Hall … your record seems to indicate that you are not too successful as a criminal," he said from the bench.

Perhaps it's time you grew up. Arrest report. One year ago Hamilton Spectator reporter Jon Wells was assigned to investigate a story about Jeremy Hall, one of the city's most notorious criminals. While Wells' true crime stories for The Spectator in the past have focused to some extent on victims, this series focuses on the perpetrator: Hall.

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Some readers may find that notion offensive. This story peels back the layers of Hall's life to the extent possible to better understand how a man who engaged in crime all his life came to exist in this community — and likewise some of his partners in crime. In addition, this series tells the story of the homicide investigation surrounding Hamilton's William Billy Mason, who was murdered early in In Remorseless, all of the detail, dialogue and thoughts attributed to characters are culled from sources including hundreds of pages of court documents and interviews, including those with individuals personally familiar with Hall, lawyers who defended and prosecuted him, a criminologist, and Hamilton Police officers.

Wells requested an interview in prison with Hall, who is in segregation in Kingston Penitentiary, and he accepted, but the institution denied the request citing a provision in the Correctional Services Act that allows a warden to refuse on the grounds that it might hinder an inmate's rehabilitation program. However, Hall consented to answer a list of written questions. His answers are quoted extensively throughout the series, both as direct quotes and as paraphrased context that reflect his answers. The description in Chapter 1 of the place where Billy Mason was murdered comes from Wells' visit to that remote scene south of Hamilton.

The series title comes from one of Hall's tattoos. Jon Wells is a reporter at The Hamilton Spectator with a specialty in long-form journalism as well as podcasting. He has published six books and won numerous awards for his writing including four National Newspaper Awards. Jon was born in Montreal, grew up in London, Ont.

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